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One of our greatest pleasures is seeing the satisfaction and enjoyment people get while eating at Mo Jeaux’s.  We work hard to be a great bar with delicious food and don’t cut many corners to get there.

Terrific barbecue takes patience, passion, and time. We buy quality meats and rub them with original spice recipes. Our smoker slow smokes meat for up to 15 hours over indirect heat burning mesquite and pecan.  We always serve barbecue sauce on the side and let the meat do the talking. The tremendous flavor and pink smoke ring mean you are eating the real deal.


If you have ever been to Louisiana, you are sure to appreciate our Cajun.  Our specials menu almost always features a Cajun dish.  Gumbos, Etouffees, Jambalaya, Red Beans & Rice are in the rotation with some other not as well known features while our everyday menu always carries a few Po Boy sandwiches, hushpuppies, and fried okra.

Hamburger at MojeauxsAs a sports bar, we know that there are some things people can’t do without – like burgers and wings.  Our gourmet burgers are made with fresh upper two thirds choice beef, grilled to perfection and topped with a variety of flavors.  For wings, we buy the largest on the market and smoke them over indirect heat before flash frying them up crispy and tossing them in your choice of 12 sauces.  Anyone that has had them will tell you we take wings to the next level.

We are always thinking of new, great tasting ideas and can work with you to put out special menus for special functions.